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The Ornamental Plants Growers Union (SÜSBİR) is one of the seven sub-unions affiliated to the Turkish Seed Growers Union pursuant to the Law No. 5553 on seed growing. The ornamental plants growers in Turkey are required by law to become a member of SÜSBİR.

SÜSBİR is a trade association, which is the only public institution that represents the ornamental plant growers in Turkey. With about 1000 members, SÜSBİR accounts for nearly 60 percent of the total area where ornamental plants are grown in Turkey.

‘Our vision for the industry, with all this in mind, is to make Turkey a hub for ornamental plants production and marketing by using our ecological and logistical advantages, and through good quality production.’
AIM: Founded in 2008, SÜSBİR maintains its efforts with the aim of facilitating its members’
professional activities by creating solidarity between them, ensuring the protection of their
economic and social rights, contributing to the formation of legislation as the representative of the sector, and fulfill the duties it is imposed by the legislation.

MISSION: Turkey is located in a very suitable region for ornamental plants growing thanks to its geographical zone and wide range of climatic characteristics. Besides the growing conditions, the advantage of closeness to the market also helps the sector grow and develop further year by year. With this awareness, SÜSBİR aims that its members grow plants at accepted standards, their products have the value they deserve at a market whose supply-demand equilibrium has been established, the product range broadens, and the sector reaches the level it deserves in the international market.